How Only Having One Mic Made Me Better

ldc mic

When I first started out, I had a single condenser mic.

I had to use that mic in a lot of different ways during a recording session, and I really mastered that mic.

Some of my best memories in the studio are that I had no choices. I had 1 good mic, and all of my energy went into getting the mic placement perfect.

It also meant that I spent less time setting up mics in recording sessions. 

I was super quick with moving the one good mic I owned around to various instruments as we recorded them.

I learned a very important concept...simplicity.

Having simplicity also gave me speed.

And with less transition time I noticed the creative ideas were flowing too. Each recording session had this amazing momentum.

I learned how important it is to learn your gear inside and out.

I learned the concepts of mic position and what works.

And I got really good at engineering! 


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