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How to Get a Great Snare Sound with a Cheap Drum

Over the next 2.5 hours, we will transform a cheap $50 snare drum, into a studio worthy instrument. We go from "Garage Sale Junker" to a snare drum that is a joy to play and record.

What you will learn in each lesson:

  • Lesson 1: Expectations (5:14)
    • What kind of sounds can we expect to get from using the old drumheads?
    • What kind of sounds would we get from new heads?
  • Lesson 2: Tuning with Old Heads (16:34)
    • What are the steps for making a drum sound better without changing the drumheads?
    • What are the limitations of old drumheads?
  • Lesson 3: Red Flags (5:03)
    • When do we really need to change the heads, and when should we keep using them?
    • What to listen for when a drumhead needs to be replaced
    • What to look for when a drumhead needs to be replaced
  • Lesson 4: Head Selection (6:01)
    • 3 very common snare drum heads
    • Drumhead shootout of the 3 drum heads
  • Lesson 5: Replacing the Drumheads (15:56)
    • How to take off the old drum head
    • Things you need to do when the head is off
    • How to place the drumhead back on the shell
    • How to bring the drum up to a basic tension
  • Lesson 6: The Bend-up Tuning Technique (14:08)
    • An easy technique to hear and use on any drum
    • How to use the "Bend-up Tuning Technique"
    • The snare version of the technique
    • How to tune the bottom head with pitch and avoid the snare wires
    • How to tune the bottom head with tension only
  • Lesson 7: Replacing the Snares (5:48)
    • How to replace the snare wires of a snare drum
  • Lesson 8: Detailed Snare Wire Set Up (9:29)
    • How to fine tune the string or strap in the snare strainer
    • How to set the proper tension for the drummers playing style
    • How to set the proper tension for the type of song you are recording
  • Lesson 9: Fine Adjustments to the Drum’s Sound (13:47)
    • How to use small increments in tuning to find a sound that you like.
    • How to use muffling to target problem frequencies and not over muffle the drum.

  • Lesson 10: How to Judge a Snare Drum’s Sound (6:13)
    • How to overcome the massive volume of drums so that you can make judgments of how a drum will sound in a recording.
    • My invaluable tool I use to help me keep perspective at all times while adjusting the drum's sound.
    • How to discern how much attack a drum has, as well as the strength of it's fundamental frequency.
  • Lesson 11: The Microphone Layers of a Great Snare Sound (10:45)
    • The three layers of microphones that are critical to a rich and three dimensional snare sound.
    • How to create totally different snare sounds by using more of one type of mic layer versus another mic layer

What is needed to replicate the steps in this course?

  • Drum Key
  • A drum you want to sound better
  • One top drumhead, pick one: Remo Coated Ambassador, Remo CS Coated, Evans HD Dry Snare Batter, or Remo Emperor X Coated
  • One bottom drumhead: Remo Ambassador Snare Side
  • Snare Wires if needed, 16 or 20 strand, by Tama, Pearl, Puresound, etc.
  • A DrumDial is not required. It is used to observe tuning after we finish, and troubleshoot drum shell issues.

Downloadable Videos

  • You can download the course videos (1080p) for offline viewing.

Bonus Videos:

    1. Bonus: Tuning Up with the Evans HD Dry – Real-time Walkthrough (8:03)
    2. Bonus: Tuning Up with the Remo CS Coated – Real-time Walkthrough (23:57)
    3. Bonus: Using a DrumDial and Drum Diagnostics (10:26)
    4. Bonus: How to Expertly Set up the Top and Bottom Snare Mic (Multiple Videos)

Course Support - Step-by-step email support directly from me (Ryan)

      • Does the snare not have enough attack? Or perhaps the snare doesn't have a full sound, and you can't figure out why?
      • Just email me a short audio file of the drum mic. Let me know what you want it to sound like, and I'll give you a custom step-by-step process on how to improve the sound.


      • You get immediate access to all the videos. Total video time is 2 Hours, 31 Minutes and 24 Seconds. (02:31:24)
      • You never expire or go out of date. You have this course for life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

      • I want you to be completely happy with the course and coaching. If you are not happy for any reason, just email me within the first 30 days from your purchase and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price for this course.
      • No risk. The only thing you risk is not getting the course, and allowing bad snare drums to hold you back the sound of your recordings.

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