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Home Studio Makeover

This course will solve these problems:

  • Your mixes don't sound good, and you have no idea what the problem is.
  • You've stopped growing or improving as a recording or mix engineer.
  • You're not sure how to best use the mics you have, or how to switch mics around.
  • You're mixes don't have much depth, or too much depth!
  • You're mixes don't pull the listener in, and is flat out boring!
  • The vocals of your mixes get lost and are not impactful.
  • You can't fit all the parts of the song in a mix and you are stuck on how to make it all fit.

6 Makeovers that Will Change Any Studio

For this course, I went to my friend Garrett's studio, and found areas that he could improve. I brought my cameras and filmed the whole process. We covered 6 areas that will make a real difference in the sound of his recordings and mixes.

No New Gear Needed

All of the Makeovers are done with equipment that you have. It's more about opening your mind to new ideas of how to work, and the possibilities of the gear you already have. Each Makeover is an in-depth discussion, and many topics are covered. There are lots of extra tips and off-topic discussions.

Filmed at a Home Studio

This course was not filmed at a nice studio with perfect acoustics. We didn't have a bunch of expensive mics, or a sweet vintage console. Most of us are recording drums in a living room, and cutting vocal tracks anywhere we can add some absorption. I wanted to teach from the level that everyone can relate to.

Lessons in the Course:

Makeover #1: A Balanced Mix That’s Terribly Boring – Textures, and Focus

  • We start off with a song that Garrett is currently working on.
  • The mix has a good balance of all the tracks, but nothing is "Front and Center" in the mix. The mix doesn't say anything, and it's not memorable.

Makeover #2: A Muddy Wash of Sound - Low End and Chord Clarity

  • Muddy mixes don't just come from EQ and balancing choices, but it can also come from the arrangement.
  • I challenge Garrett to consider changing some of the parts with aggressive high pass filters and giving the listener a clear picture of the bass melody.

Makeover #3: Switching Off the Autopilot for Drum Recording

  • I give my starting point for drum mics, but also encourage Garrett on different ways he can get different sounds.

Makeover #4: Room Treatment and Drum Clarity in the Overheads

  • For any instruments recorded at a distance (6 Inches or more), the room will be a part of the sound of that instrument.
  • The instrument is a product of how it is played by the performer, and the room that they are in.
  • For Garrett's studio, I offer some ideas on how the overhead mic can gain better clarity and stereo imaging with acoustic absorption.

Makeover #5: Mic Locker Remix

  • The microphones you have now can take you far. I discuss with Garrett how to reuse mics for additional sources, and different ideas of how to pair mics to a source.

Makeover #6: Creating Unique and Free Effects for Mixing

  • Your studio space, guitar amps, effects pedals, and bathrooms can all be used as mixing effects.
  • We talk about a bathroom reverb that Garrett already sets for live recording sessions to ease the load on his computer, and a demonstration of why using pedals can be so beneficial.

4k Video and 4k Video Downloads

  • All videos are streamed via Vimeo, and you can specify the video resolution.
  • A download file is available of the all the course videos at the resolution of Cinema 4k (3840 x 2160).
  • The video will play on any player, and looks a little more wider than typical YouTube videos.
  • Total download size is 3.3 GB.

Video Lengths

  • Makeover #1 - 30:12
  • Makeover #2 - 17:48
  • Makeover #3 - 30:45
  • Makeover #4 - 15:01
  • Makeover #5 - 30:13
  • Makeover #6 - 27:45

Total Course Length: 2 Hours, and 31 Minutes


  • You get immediate access to all the videos. Total video time is 3 Hours, 39 Minutes. (03:49:00)
  • You never expire or go out of date. You have this course for life.
  • Download the core lessons

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • I want you to be completely happy with the course and coaching. If you are not happy for any reason, just email me within the first 30 days from your purchase and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price for this course.
  • No risk. The only thing you risk is not getting the course, and allowing these issues to continue to plague your mixes and recordings.

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