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Overheads Made Easy

Overheads Made Easy will teach you to overcome these issues:

  • Your drums are hard to mix
  • You end up using samples to fix issues
  • Your drums sound thin
  • Snare drum doesn't sound fat and huge
  • Your kick doesn't punch you in the face
  • The cymbals don't sound wide enough
  • The cymbals sound harsh
  • Your drums don't punch
  • Your drums have no definition

Believe it or not, these issues can be caused (And solved) by how you use your overhead microphones.

Yep sounds crazy, but the location of your overhead mics can make your cymbals harsh, and cause tons of phasing issues that cause drums to sound weak or not balanced in the stereo field. We are going back to the fundamentals on this course, and your overheads are everything to a fantastic drum sound. Sure, I could create a trendy course that teaches mixing techniques that fix these issues, but these issues should be avoided on recording day - and the final result will be so much better. Sometimes it's easier just to re-record the drums rather than try to fix these issues during mixing (2 hours recording new drums versus 5 hours fixing it in the mix). Mic technique is everything! This course will fill in the gaps you may have in drum recording, but also equip you with some advanced ideas that you can apply. Together we will listen to many audio examples and I share notes on what I hear and the problems that the mic positions are causing. It's the best way to learn...a step-by-step approach where I talk about what I'm hearing and help you hear those details too.

Course Details:

  • Total Video Time: 2 Hrs, 14 Minutes, 7 Seconds
  • 12 Videos
  • 1 Downloadable Exercise with Drum Tracks
  • All videos are downloadable with an easy-to-view, and numbered format.
  • Your access to the course does not expire.
  • Direct Email Support from me - If you need help, send me a short recording and I'll walk you through the next steps.

Video Lessons:

Unit 1

  • Lesson 1 - Why do Overheads Matter? (1:43)
    • How overheads are a foundation for fantastic drum sounds
    • What decisions will you make with your overheads that have an affect on the final mix?
  • Lesson 2 - Location in the Room (4:37)
    • What the room can do for your drum sound
    • How to exploit the weaknesses of the room to achieve a massive drum sound
  • Lesson 3 - Room Treatment (7:20)
    • How much should your room be acoustically treated
    • Which overhead methods work well with poorly treated rooms?
    • Exactly where you need to place absorption and which overhead technique you should try first
  • Lesson 4 - Where to Place the Mics (11:35)
    • Exactly how to place a single or pair of microphones over a kit
    • What to listen for, and how to develop an understanding or skill for expert placement
    • What mistakes to avoid and how to listen for problems in mic placement
  • Lesson 5 - Phase Coherency and How to Check (18:01)
    • A step-by-step process for checking phase and how to fix issues
    • What phase issues sound like in different sources such as kick and snare
  • Lesson 6 - How the Height of the Microphone Affects Phase (10:07)
    • Not all issues can be solved by flipping polarity, but it's an adjustment that is needed on recording day.
  • Lesson 7 - How the Height of the Microphone Affects the Room Sound (7:19)
    • How high is too high for overhead mics?
    • What should you do if you have a bad room?

Unit 2

  • Stereo Overhead Techniques (24:22)
    • How to use the knowledge from Unit 1 to place a stereo pair of microphones with a great balance of the drum kit
    • What you can do with stereo techniques to adapt it for any drum kit, any room, and any style of music.
  • Spaced Pairs (22:27)
    • How spaced pairs can be used for stereo image, and effect in the mix
    • What to avoid when using spaced pairs
  • Glyn Johns and Recorderman Techniques (16:35)
    • How to set up the Glyn Johns set up with 4 mics
    • What you need to avoid with the Glyn Johns
    • What the Recorderman technique is, and how to best use it
  • What is my Preferred Method? (4:39)
    • Why I use this method for overheads
    • Why this approach has lead to my "No fails" approach in overheads that you simply can't mess up.

This is one of the best courses available for achieve huge drum recordings. Overheads are everything. The tie everything together.

Sometimes the answer to a problem is not that sexy. The cool answer would be "Buy this mic" or "Use this plug in". And in many cases the gear can help. But I am just like you, with average gear and average mics. In this case, you gotta get your foundation set up with your overheads to get the amazing drum sound that you want.

It's a simple answer, but with a big result.

All of my courses come with personal support from me, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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