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MIXERMAN - How to PRODUCE Vocals That'll Make a Grown Man Weep


How to PRODUCE Vocals That'll Make a Grown Man Weep with Mixerman and Earnhardt

When Ryan and I discussed a PRODUCE Vocals Course in our Make a Grown Man Weep Series, there was no question, we needed to film a real vocal session–one that I have a stake in as the Producer. That's really the only way we could truly demonstrate how I produce vocals. And it's not good enough for me to go in and pretend to produce a vocal for a track in which I have no actual responsibility. That's nothing but a wank. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult proposition to bring cameras into the studio on a real session. I generally don’t like to do it. I can’t pay attention to them. I can’t stop to talk to the camera, because then I'm no longer focusing on the primary job at hand. And I certainly can't have the band distracted. Then Ryan proposed to bring his cameras into my vocal session with Hustle Souls, an Asheville, NC based band that I was producing. I was lukewarm at the idea until he told me I could:

  1. Ignore the camera, and produce the vocal as I normally would, and then
  2. We would sit down together to give the play by play.

So, I presented the concept to the boys in Hustle Souls, with the condition that should they find the cameras even a mild distraction, we would shut them down. The band agreed. In fact, they were downright enthusiastic about it! I guess we're all getting used to the cameras. In October of 2017, I produced and recorded ten basic tracks with Hustle Souls at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC. You will join us in my room, where we laid down the vocals on two songs–one with a bona fide lead singer on a funky Soul track. One with your average band singer on what is ostensibly an Indie rock production. Each posed their own challenges requiring their own unique solutions. But then, that's producing for ya! Look, I have produced and recorded thousands of records over the course of thirty years, including several records of note. I have multiple gold and platinum sales awards for my work. I learn something new on every session. We are providing you the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in the vocal session of a seasoned pro, with a band that takes their business very seriously. This is a real session, folks. The vocals that I produce here, are the vocals that make the record, and you can hear it for yourself at the end of the lessons. How to PRODUCE Vocals clocks in at over 4.5 hours, and provides a fully unvarnished view of what really happens in a professional vocal session. This price goes away soon. Don't miss out!

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