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Drum Recording Made Easy

A Simple, Step-by-step Process to Fix These Problems:

  • You want more control and confidence when you record drums.
  • You are new to recording drums.
  • Your drum tracks never sound exactly like you want them to.
  • You mixes sound "Off" because there is something wrong in your drum tracks.
  • You want better Left/Right balance in your drum tracks.
  • You have to record a huge drum kit with minimal mics.
  • You do not know how to get the right sounds when you record drums.
  • You are not sure how to record drums for multiple genres or styles.


What you will learn in this course:

  • Master a two-step method of recording drums that you can use in:
    • Any room
    • Any kit
    • Any genre.
  • Learn to completely control:
    • The stereo wideness of the drum kit
    • The mix of direct drum sound, to room sound
    • Make a small kit sound larger, or a large kit seem more focused.
  • Develop your ear to hear issues as during tracking, and fix them before you have to work around them in a mix.
  • Those that have no experience recording drums, will gain speed, consistency in your results, and confidence in yourself.

The Method is a two-step Process

Step 1

  • The Foundations of my recording method gets you 80% of the drum sound.
  • The Foundations give you a fantastic drum sound as a starting point with your recording projects.
  • This step takes hundreds of options that are difficult to execute, and waste time, and spells out which techniques give the best results quickly.

Step 2

  • The Modifiers makes up the last 20% of the drum sound.
  • Use the "Modifiers" to get any sound that you would like from the drums, which customizes the sound for the recording project's needs.
  • You can make very simple adjustments to alter the sounds of the kit. Just like how you understand that moving a mic on a guitar cab can make a huge difference, you can also make adjustments of the mics to get exactly the sound that you need.

What is Needed?

  • Any Experience Level
  • 4 - 8 Mics and Inputs
    • 8 Mics and inputs are recommended, but you can still complete the course with 4 mics and 4 inputs. (2 Overheads, Kick, and Snare Mic)
    • The course relies heavily on two overheads such as a pair of condenser mics.
  • Any drum kit
  • Any room


  • A step-by-step process on drum recording. Total video content is about 2.5 hours.
  • You see everything that I do and hear the results that I get from a mics that are under $800. Most are $100 - $300 each.

Real Life Teaching

No Expensive Mics.

No Acoustically Designed Rooms

  • It's real life! Very few people have the "Perfect" rooms to record drums in.
  • It's about my step-by-step process, not about a perfect room and crazy expensive mics.
  • I don't pretend to be a fancy engineer with a big console in the back ground. I'm a normal dude, with normal drums, and I want to teach you what I know so you don't have to go through the struggle of terrible sounding drums.

Bonus - Personal Coaching and Assessment of Your Own Drums:

  • Personal assessment of your drums if run into trouble recording them, and exactly how to fix it. Just send in a few pictures of the drums, pictures of the room your recording in, and a recording of how they sound I'll reply back with step-by-step instructions.
    • I listen to your drum sounds personally
    • I review your photos of your drum set up and of your room.
    • I respond with step-by-step instructions to make improvements:
      • Microphone position recommendations
      • Room assessment and acoustics
      • Overhead recommendations
      • Phase considerations for stronger and fuller sound

Bonus Unit: Overhead Configuration Primer

  • A mini-course for drum overhead techniques
  • 33 minutes of video lectures and demos.
  • You can compare each technique, and learn the strength and weaknesses of each one.
    • Glyn Johns
    • Tri-Overhead Technique
    • Recorderman
    • XY
    • ORTF
    • Spaced Pair

Bonus Unit: Specialty Drum Mic Class

  • A mini-course just for specialty uses of mics around the drum kit.
  • 1 Hour total of video lectures, demos, and shootouts of mic positions.
  • Some of the specialty mics that are covered:
    • Under Tom (Bottom) Mics
    • Batter (Behind) Kick Head Mic
    • Snare Bottom/Back Kick Mic Combo
    • Figure 8 Snare Shell Mic/HH Mic Combo
    • Ride Mic as a Small Diaphragm Condensers
    • HiHat Mic Ribbons
    • HiHat Mic Small Diaphragm Condensers
    • HiHat Mic Dynamic


  • Immediate access to all the videos
  • Immediate access to all the bonuses
  • You never expire or go out of date. You have this course for life.

All videos are downloadable

  • Optional Download of all the videos for off-line viewing.
  • Download includes PDFs of the text from each lesson.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • I want you to be completely happy with the course and coaching. If you are not happy for any reason, just email me within the first 30 days from your purchase and I'll refund 100% of the purchase price for this course.
  • No risk. The only thing you risk is not getting the course, and allowing drum tuning to hold you back the sound of your drum recordings.

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