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Mixing from the Ground Up - In Depth 4 Songs

This course demonstrates how to mix a song quickly and efficiently from the ground up. Do you ever struggle with:

  • Taking a long time to mix a song
  • Getting lost in decisions and settings for compression, EQ, and effects.
  • Why should one guitar part be louder than another part?
  • Having issues of over EQing a mix
  • Having issues of over-compressing a mix
  • Not knowing what approach you need to take for a song

It is always hard to learn a skill from the ground up. Many videos online might skip over some of the basics and leave you lost. I start with the basics of importing raw tracks and then talk you through how to listen to the raw tracks. Then we go deeper... Why pan an element to the side? Why use compression with a slow attack on this source? Why do I apply reverb to one element, but leave another without reverb? What am I thinking when I first hear a song? What do I listen to? With this course, you see a variety of mixing practices happening in real time and I explain everything as I do it. The best part of this course? We do it multiple times on different songs? And you can download the tracks and mix along with me! Do you need Pro Tools, Logic, or Cubase? Nope! You can use any DAW that you would like. I personally use Reaper a lot in this course, but I also use Logic and Ableton Live too. Remember it's all about the mixing techniques, not about the DAW that you use. Any DAW is welcome. Here's what's in each unit of the course:

  1. What to listen for in the raw tracks - Which instrument should be featured in this song? How should we approach mixing this song? What sounds (Tones) do we need to preserve in our mix? What sounds need a little fixing with EQ? What element leads the song? How do we make sure the lead instrument and vocal never clash or fight in the mix?
  2. How to Establish Mix Priority - What to listen for in a song when it is unmixed so that you know what needs to be the loudest element. What is most important? How does the part writting work with the vocal? What genre considerations are there? (Benefit to seeing the concept in 4 different songs in the "In-depth level)
  3. Compression - How do I apply compression? What elements to I apply compression first? What attack and release settings should I use first and why? When does compression go "Too far" and what does it sound like when bad compression happens?
  4. EQ - When to use EQ and the best practices. What should I fix first with EQ? What is the best way to use EQ in the box and still sound good? When exactly is going too far with EQ?
  5. Stereo Imaging - Why should I pan elements in a mix to one side or the other? What is the thinking behind panning a guitar to the side? Or snare? What do I do with an off-centered room mic?
  6. Ambient Effects - Why and when should you use reverb and delay? When should you use the room mics or perhaps MUTE them?

We follow this format for the song that we mix in the course. Each unit is a different song, and you can download the raw tracks and mix with me. "Core Skills" Level has 2 Units (2 Songs Mixed) and 1 Bonus Track for Mixing "In-Depth" and "In-Depth with Coaching" has 4 Units (4 Songs Mixed) and 3 Bonus Tracks for Mixing

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